A-Z Gardening in Zone 3-4

For the organic gardner struggling in the short season climate

Some Necessary Tools

Wagons and cart and turtle’s, oh my

These are my new garden wagons, a old cart which has seen hard service and my step 1 garden hoppers, which have also had hard use. I started using my childrens old wagon when I was weeding as a pull behind as I sat on my garden hopper, rolling along the rows, so I wouldn’t have to get up so many times to put weeds on the compost pile or feed them to my chickens. When it became obvious that it was a great way to weed, I purchased a big foot wagon that had an anti turnover device, my kids wagon did not. Having to pick up a fallen over load of weeds was a pain.

These wagons, gardening cart and my step 1 garden hopper, affectionately known as “the turtle”, of which I have six, have been my most necessary garden tools. I keep the garden hoppers in various places in the garden so that we do not have to go looking for them when we want to weed as we have three large garden beds.

(ariel view from 2nd story window)

The step 1 garden hopper is no longer availabe and has been replased by a better model called the Step 2 garden hopper. The Step 2 garden hoppers has a seat, 4 wide wheels, a place to store tools and a beverage holder. You can scoot this handy little hopper up and down between the rows while weeding, especially if you have arthritis or if you have difficulty bending down for long periods of time. The step 2 garden hopper can be found at Ace Hardware or K-mart, or you can go to, Step 2 garden hopper. This past gardening season I wrecked my big foot wagon while trying to unload rocks. The rear wheel assembly collapsed when I tried to dump them out. I guess being 10 years old or maybe too many rocks was more that it could handle.

There have been some really good improvements in wagons since the last time I bought one. They now make utility wagons in various sizes with sides that fold down, good for hauling baled hay, bags of mulch and my big rose bush pots. There is also a larger “Little Red Wagon”, ATV wagon with higher sides, good for loading on more weeds with less getting up and down to dispose of them. I purchased 2 utility wagons and 1 ATV wagon. Now I’m ready for the new growing season.

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