A-Z Gardening in Zone 3-4

For the organic gardner struggling in the short season climate

Spring Planted Bulbs, Shrubs and Trees


garedning-a-z-058 crocus-1 We are all familiar with the bulbs that come up in the spring, like daffodils and crocus, that have to be planted in the fall in order to have blooms in the spring.  There are bulbs and other plants that can be planted in the spring that will bloom in the summer such as lilies, dahlias, Host, astilbe and many many other flowering plants.

Spring is the best time to plant fruit trees, shrubs, berry bushes, strawberries and landscape plants because you find out almost immediately whether or not they have survived or need to be replaced.

Here is a list of catalogs that sell spring planted bulbs, flowers, shrubs and trees.

Michigan Bulb Co. McClure & Zimmerman High Country Gardens, Select Seeds K.Van Bourgondien & sons, inc. whole sale catalog,   Van BourgondienFarmer Seed and Nursery Stark Bro’s.

Author: tbenkovitz

I have been gardening for over 50 years, 38 of them as an organic gardener in the short season climate of upstate New York.

2 thoughts on “Spring Planted Bulbs, Shrubs and Trees

  1. Tania and Linda, good to see you back blogging and planning for the spring! I wanted to add a few nurseries to your list. All have websites, so you can check them online. St. Lawrence Nurseries (Potsdam, NY) specializes in trees for northern climates and heirloom varieties that are hard or impossible to find; I worked to restore an 18th Century orchard at Johnson Hall (check website), and we were able to find a lot of the trees at St. Lawrence. Fedco Trees (Waterville, ME) is also excellent on both counts. Fedco Bulbs has a great selection at great prices. Miller’s (Canandaigua, NY) is very reputable. I’ve written off McClure and Zimmerman because I have received poor quality bulbs on several occasions. Thanks to a tip from my Arboretum friends, I’ve transferred my loyalty to Brent and Becky’s Bulbs (Gloucester, VA) and have been very very satisfied. One last recommendation from Arboretum friends: you simply cannot beat Bluestone Perennials (Madison, OH) for selection, quality, and price. I think it makes a difference that all of these places are still family-run. At any rate, continue to dream about spring. It seems remote here, what with waist-high snow in the woods!


  2. Tania and Linda, so tell me what’s “cooking” in the greenhouse. I have leeks in the basement under lights and away from cats and some wildflower seeds (e.g., Lobelia cardinalis and some bur oaks) I collected last summer and fall. Yes, I am still skiing (Nordic), but we open the greenhouse at the Arboretum on Monday – so I will have the best of both seasons. I’ll bring you some stuff when I see you May 10.


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