A-Z Gardening in Zone 3-4

For the organic gardner struggling in the short season climate

April Fool

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It seems as though Mother Nature was playing an April Fool joke on us. April 1st was 60 degrees F, with a warm southern breeze that made it seem even warmer, even without the sun. This morning April 2nd it was 19 F and snowing, with an arctic wind that made it seem a lot colder, even in the sun. March was so cold that I was unable to take the tomato and pepper seedlings off of the germination stand for more that a few days. One morning the front porch was 45 F. That’s when I decided to put the seedlings back on the germination stand. And so, I could not start the herbs and impatience. Easter Sunday morning it was 10 F and the Sunday after that 2 F. We had many nights in the teens and very little sun during the day to warm the porch up.

Last week the 6:30 geese arrived. I call them that because for many years now at this time of year they come flying in at about 6:30 every morning honking loudly while circling the pond before landing in the water. They stay until fall. Usually it’s a pair sometimes it’s 2 pair and one time it was 3 geese, I guess one partner didn’t make the trip. This year I happened to be gazing out of my upstairs window when I heard them coming, I watched with glee as they landed on the ice covered pond, usually by now the ice is gone, an saw them skid along the ice as if they were wearing ice skates. They walked around a bit in the slush and then took left. I’ve seen them fly over a few times since then, I guess their waiting for the pond to thaw.

The weather in zone 3-4 really can be trying. You have to just bid your time and plan for the weather to go against you anytime. Knowing how many seeds to start and having a place to put them until they can be put out into the greenhouse or outside is very important and more than a little tricky.

Author: tbenkovitz

I have been gardening for over 50 years, 38 of them as an organic gardener in the short season climate of upstate New York.

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