A-Z Gardening in Zone 3-4

For the organic gardner struggling in the short season climate

Gardening with Friends

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Tania, thanks for inviting me to participate in your blog. After some years of gardening together, I feel I am qualified to speak on how much fun it is to garden with a friend. Even our day of pouring through seed catalogs to find the perfect variety of each vegetable we want to grow and something new we’ve never tried is a lot of fun. And maybe someday I’ll convince you that I really do like wax beans, even if I did malign them one year, long ago, by saying I preferred green, if I could only have one kind. Fortunately there are many kinds of every vegetable, and many places to order them from, as well as the wonderful ones you get via a friend gardener. So, just waiting now, it’s in the hands of the postoffice and shortly I’ll be popping my petunia seeds in warm dirt and praying for the most beautiful garden ever this year.

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